Discovery Session

Dyslexia Reversal Intensive for Entrepreneurs (DRIE)


Thank you for your interest in Dyslexia Reversal Intensive for Entrepreneurs.Dr.PhyllisBooks.promo_.red_.web-1

Step 1 Discovery: Let’s determine if we are a fit for working together

  • We will schedule a 30 minute call where I’ll be asking you questions about how your dyslexia is affecting you. Please plan to be in a place where you can talk freely without distractions or interruptions.
  • Please reflect on the following questions. You don’t need to write out your responses. I will be taking my own notes following my assessment methodology.
  1. How does dyslexia show up in your life? In the workplace? In your home life?
  2. How and where does it affect your productivity? Your bottom line?
  3. How are you at completing tasks? Get your goals achieved within time frames set?
  4. What are your “workarounds”? What challenges you most?
  5. What is most challenging/frustrating in working with co-workers, staff and family?
  6. What bothers you the most about your dyslexia?
  7. What would you like changed the most?
  8. Take the dyslexia quiz…No worries..I'll just verbally ask you the questions during our session.

Step 2 Preparation: Planning the DRIE experience

  • If we are a good fit, we will schedule and you will fly to Austin for 5-7 days.DRIE169
  • Airfare and accommodations are your responsibility (on the program section of our website we have a list of hotels, how to prepare, what to expect, etc.). Our staff will be glad to work with you/your staff for coordinating on accommodations.
  • You’ll spend several hours each day one-on-one with Dr. Books as we dismantle your dyslexia, upgrade your brain and reboot your entrepreneurial potential.
  • During the daily sessions it is important that you plan to be OFFLINE as you will be deep in installing “change” mode during the week.
  • The DRIE experience starts at $12,000. We do offer family bundle options.

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