NeurobootcampstepsDyslexia Reversal Intensive for Entrepreneurs (DRIE)

What’s involved?

Step 1 l. DISCOVERY: Is this right for me?

Schedule an In-depth phone/skype session with Dr. Books to determine if this one-on-one, 5-7 day intensive program is right for you and your business.

Once you sign up for your session, a list of questions will be sent to you …just to start you thinking.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to write anything.

Dr. Books will be asking these kinds of questions and she will do all the note taking. Note: She is also a great listener.

Dr. Books on Entrepreneurs,Man

Step22. PREPARE: Get ready…Get Setaustin skyline



A. Environment ready:

  • Logistics:
  • Decide on dates and payment method
  • Book airline and car:
  • Plan to arrive in Austin by 1:00 pm on Sunday afternoon.
  • Plan your return flight Sunday after 12:00 noon
  • Hotel suggestions: The Westin Austin at the Domain, Renaissance Austin, the Four Seasons, Travaasa See:
  • Note: travel times within Austin. Dr. Books is approximately 35 minutes NW of the airport, about 20-25 minutes from downtown and about 15 minutes from The Westin, Renaissance and Travaasa. There are also numerous hotels in the 78750 and 78759 zip codes that are 8-10 minutes away.

What to bring: Pack swim suit (for infrared sauna), walking shoes,(for taking walks and doing mild exercises (brainercises), comfortable clothes, optional: earphones and CD player

Send in two test kits: Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent two kits:file2401263254830

  • Follow the instructions and end in the Analytical Research Lab (ARL) without payment.
  • Send in and Neurogistics or Neuroscience test kits directly to lab with payment)

Clear your calendar ( so you are totally present during the program)

Decide who will handle your business while you’re away; answer emails–so you don’t get distracted.

Plan ahead for your re-entry. Allow time to settle into your new self.

B. Body ready:

  • Start weaning yourself off sugar (you’ll be staying off it for 6 weeks. So start now).
  • Cut wine down to one glass /day.file000393071117
  • Increase your water consumption
  • make a list of current vitamins and medications
  • Optional: start a food diary
  • Get enough sleep the night before so you don’t start out exhausted

C. Mind ready:

  • Plan to do minimal business during the five days
  • Plan to sleep more than usual (“It’s gonna happen”). Integration and progress happens during post treatment resting the brain and body.
  • Start your “Noticing Journal:” How does your dyslexia show up today (it may change from day to day); what did you notice in your interactions with others; what is your self-talk today; how did your dyslexia show up in communication today in business, with friends, with family; what foods, people, events affected your mood today? Your efficiency?
  • Decide who will handle things in your absence…so you remain fully present.
  • Others ready: Prepare others

Prepare family, business for your not being there for 5 or 7 days.

What to tell others and ask of them:

What I want you to know: I want you to be informed, be excited, be supportive, and not negative and doubting or naysaying to my decision.

Here’s what I’m doing: I am flying to Austin, Texas to do a Brain/Neuro Boot Camp. It’s an intensive, personalized, one-on-one training with a doctor who specializes in neuroscience. She helps people’s brains work more efficiently and she really understands entrepreneurs.BNT-TOUCH-on-Entrepreneurs

Why I’m doing this: I want to invest in my brain and I want to take it to the next level. There is some rewiring I’m going to have done, so I’ll have a solid foundation for new strategies and programs.

Results I’m expecting: If I’m like her other clients, I’ll be more efficient with my time, think more clearly, read better and remember and comprehend more, be more creative, communicate more clearly and be easier to be around.

What I think about this: To do this in 5 or 7 days is a great investment of my time, and everyone around me wins too! (Fair warning: One of her follow-up strategies is to make sure I surround myself with people who support me and my vision…If you’re a naysayer, beware.)


3. PROGRAM: GoDr. Books on Entrepreneurs1


How each day progresses

  • You’ll spend 6-7 hours each day with Dr. Books. You’ll start around 9 and finish around 3:30.
  • You will have a 90 minute lunch and other short breaks during which you can rest or do light exercise.
  • Note: as this program is individualized, Dr. Books may schedule or adjust sessions depending on your needs.

Your brain will require extra rest and sleep during your intensive. During sleep your brain upgrades, integrates and does more work than you are awake. So please don’t sacrifice progress in this investment in your brain and business by overdoing your “screen time” and conducting business that you can delegate.

What happens during the day:

Dr. Books on Entrepreneurs5

  • Books Neural Therapy™

    is one of the cornerstones and is designed to help build the correct neural architecture in the body and brain. It assesses neurological and structural deficits and then systematically helps rewire the brain and body’s neurological foundation and builds new pathways to open up more parts of the brain. This is done by stimulating specific neurological inputs in a gentle, hands-on, touch- activated system and then reinforcing those inputs until they become automatic. The electrical transmission of information from the brain is addressed functionally through BNT and through assessing brain chemistry and nutrition.

BNT Part 1: Rebuilding the foundation. This consists of hands-on therapy from head to toe. It looks like acupressure, gentle touch or circular motions everywhere from the Achilles tendon at the foot to the collar bone. Each body area is chosen to deliver specific input to specific areas on the brain. Shoes are removed, but clothes stay on. This foundational work is akin to making sure all the parts of the original blueprint are accounted for and able to perform their tasks.

Note: One reason it’s so important to come to a “static clean environment” (to borrow a computer analogy) is that you’ll be clearing out old kluges (workarounds) and you need a safe, clean place to install the new programs without any old or incorrect patterns being reinstalled.

sphenoidBNT Part 2: Head asymmetries, head injuries/concussions and the TMJ (jaw joint). Whenever there is unevenness or asymmetry somewhere in the physical body, there is decreased function in that area. Forgotten or unaddressed old mild head injuries and concussions can still affect thinking, memory and behavior; and there hasn’t been much help available for these invisible problems. The TMJ (jaw joint) is also addressed here…and believe it or not; it is always involved in learning issues!


BNT Part 3: is specifically tailored to your learning and behavior challenges. Typical areas might include reading, comprehension, thinking faster than you talk, getting your thoughts and words twisted, confusing right and left, memory issues, organization, saying what you really mean, working harder and longer than other people.

  • Biofeedback: Daily 60 minute session will improve frontal brain activity involved in working memory, executive function, etc. to help stimulate and enhance brain performance
  • Brainercises: These are painless and easy physical exercises to improve communication between the body and brain (The exercises help myelinated the neurological pathways allowing for speedier transmission of information to and from the brain).
  • Brain Chemistry and Nutritional Assessment: You may be eating all the right foods, but that doesn’t’ mean your body is metabolizing them correctly. The results of the Analytical Research Labs and the NeuroScience labs provide input to brain chemistry and nutritional levels that affect how the electrical system in the brain delivers its information.
  • Allergies: Unfortunately, allergies are a part of most people’s lives these days. Since allergies affect thinking and moods, the NAET™ method of assessing and then desensitizing one allergy per day in included in the program. What is safe to eat during the treatment phase of each allergen will be explained as well as suggestions on what and where to eat that day.
  • Communication breakdowns and new strategies: file0001382919230Communication breakdowns can be going internally or among partners, employees and family members. Addressing the physiological reasons and the emotional repercussions will be addressed and redirected.
  • Infrared Sauna: Optional, but wonderful way to sweat out toxins. As you release old physical trauma from the body, the infrared sauna is a great way to remove old toxins that may be associated with old holding patterns. Bring a swimsuit if you’d like to exercise this option.

4. INTEGRATION: Pay off time

Reap the benefits of your dedication!

Integration of the “new operating system” in your brain will affect your business and your family in very positive ways!

Allow time and planning to:

  • Implement new strategies,
  • Practice using your upgraded problem solving and more efficient brain.file8841263254299 (1)
  • Train others in how to deal with the new you
  • Allow yourself the absolute pleasure of being in a body and brain that work together as a team. Pat yourself on the back for investing in yourself.
  • Watch your business and personal life improve by leaps and bounds.

Please know that integration takes time. The payoffs are so worth it!!!!!

  • Installing good lifestyle habits will keep you on track.
  • Oh, and did I tell you how much your family will appreciate the new you???066 006
  • You will actually have more time to spend with them,
  • You’ll have time for “down time” and access to more of your brain.
  • So not only do you come up with more great ideas. You can actually execute them.

Included in this package are three once-a-month, 20-minute “maintenance and integration” follow up calls which will cover:

  • Celebrating the victories
    • What you are noticing
    • What others are noticing1Aug2012John's first day unemployed for 40 years
    • Where you continue to see improvements
    • How your relationship dynamics are changing
  • Checklist of habits and strategies to implement upon return (this will be given to you at the end of the 5 days)
  • New communication strategies
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • New lifestyle considerations
  • Exploring additional resource such as products, reference materials, masterminding and support groups
  • Strategies to keep your brain growing.
  • Paying it forward
Ah…put up your feet, hands behind your head, and look out over your new world. The one you created and you will continue to refine with your new upgraded operating system. Watch your business grow, watch the new ideas come, watch how your family and friends celebrate your presence, and your new joy d’vivre…like champagne bubbling up from deep inside you.

Great investment in your brain and your life!!

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