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Hello fellow entrepreneur!

I’m delighted you are willing to explore the possibilities of living dyslexia free..or
free from the problems dyslexia can create.   (Note:  You get to keep the strengths
that accompany dyslexia).

My goal is to help your whole brain work better…so you can accomplish more with less effort.

During our Discovery Session, I’ll be asking you several questions.

I’ve compiled a “Cheat sheet” set of questions for you to start thinking about.  That way, when we talk, we can get to the heart of your issues right away.

Don’t worry… You don’t need to write down anything.  That’s my job – to ask good questions and then to listen deeply.

So please read through these questions, and then reread them just before we speak. At the end of our session,  we’ll decide if its time to free you from the current shackles of dyslexia  and if I’m the person who can help you.

l) How does dyslexia affect your business?

2) How did dyslexia show up for you in school?

3) How does dyslexia affect your efficiency? Time management?

4) How do you get around your dyslexia?  Is it working?

5) How is your energy level? Do you rely on caffeine and stimulants to keep you


6) How many hours of sleep do you get? Do you sleep well?

7) How does your dyslexia affect your spouse??  What does he/she say about this?

8) Do you feel misunderstood or that people don’t see all of you? Is it hard to explain


9) How do you treat yourself?  What do you tell yourself about your dyslexia?

10) Have you ever been formally diagnosed? (1)

11) What does your dyslexia keep you from enjoying?

12) If your dyslexia were tamed….what else could you do?

13) Does anyone else in your family have dyslexia, ADHD?

14) Do you also have ADHD?

15) Do you have any dyslexic employees? ADHD?

Again, just let these questions roll around in your head.  I’ll do the note taking.

I’m looking forward to spending time with you and getting to know YOU!

Dr. Phyllis Books

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